Rural Future Foundation (RFF) is a not-for-profit social enterprises registered as a trust with the single-minded focus of empowering Rural India. RFF envisioned to provide technology and information based innovative solutions to the challenges that affect the rural population in four areas; Healthcare, Education, Economic Development and Rural Research. India, with the largest rural population in the world, is experiencing an increasing urban-rural divide. Thus, our focus is enabling them to be self-reliant and prevent migration to urban centers through all-round development by improving the living conditions of underserved citizens through technology and data driven decision making.  RFF would level the playing field by enabling vulnerable population to leverage innovation and technology to grow and compete more effectively.


To create a permanent solution for improving the quality of life by address the major challenges in rural India.


Our mission is to provide data driven tech-solutions using best practices to create a replicable model of sustainable development for vulnerable population.


Prevent Migration To Urban Centers Through All-Round Development

Board of Trustee

Dr. Amit Nair

Trustee & Chairperson 

Dr. Amit Nair is Trustee of Rural Future Foundation (RFF). Dr. Nair will serve as Chair of the Board of Trustees, presiding over meetings of the Board and other Board activities, including program planning, policy-setting and strategy. Dr. Nair brings his considerable skills to Organisation, along with his research associations and advisory roles to many international development agencies such as World Bank, Water Aid, UNICEF, UN-OPS, TAHAL Engineering Consultants Israel, EAWAG (SANDEC) Switzerland, Development Alternatives, DFID, IAEA and HiVos Foundation for more than two decades.

Dr. Nair received a B.Sc (Hon), M.Sc and PhD on pesticide behaviour & monitoring – radiolabel from University of Delhi as well as Post-doctoral work from University of Delhi.  He has published 12 publications from 1989-2011: 3-WSP,WB & 8 reprints in  reputed American, British and European journals, a chapter in Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences and a book. A manual for Water Safety Plan, WSP-SA, Review International paper, 2015. He has been also awarded a fellowship by National Educational Test at Master’s Level from UGC, Delhi.

Mr. A.  Arora

Trustee & Advisor

Mr. Amit Arora is Trustee &Advisor of Rural Future Foundation (RFF) and serves on its board to providevaluable advice and direction for organizations activities. Mr. Arora have more than seventeen years of experience in areas of Program Management, Strategic planning, developing partnership, Monitoring and Evaluation, Capacity Building, ICT and Project Management. He has worked as a Strategic Advisor to many public institutions in African Countries and international organizations within Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, India, Laos, Iraq, Maldives, Cambodia, Mongolia and Nepal. He has experience in working with various donors like AFDB, ADB, USAID, SIDA, GIZ, BTC, World Bank, UNICEF and EU. 

Mr. Arora holds Master’s degree in Population Science, Information Technology and Management with professional certifications in the areas of Project Management (Prince2),Service management (ITIL), Team building skills and Monitoring and Evaluation from University of Canada. He is currently serving as International M&E Adviser to United Nations Development Program in Iraq under Rule of Law. The work involved working on developing M&E system, tools, baseline, regular field appraisals and monitoring and documentation of the CSIP initiatives in Nineveh plains and Basra.

Mr. Ganesh Bhatt


Mr. Ganesh Bhatt is Trustee of Rural Future Foundation (RFF). Mr. Bhatt holds a Master degree in Social Work with specialization in Health and Community Development.During a career span of 18 years, he was associated with M J P Rohilkhand University, Bareilly Uttar Pradesh as an Assistant Professor for students of Master of Social Work, He has also carried the responsibility of Project Manager in various prominent NGOs simultaneously.


Mr. Bhatt is currently Head: Department of Programmes Management, Global Cancer Concern India (GCCI) and providing leadership to the organisation since September 2013 as programme head. He has been appearing as a guest and an expert in various national-level events on the programmes related to the social issues. He has also written articles and book reviews on social issues.

Mr. S. K. Choudhary


Mr. S. K. Choudhary is Trustee of Rural Future Foundation (RFF), and serves on its board as a key strategist in defining direction and focus of the non-profit organization.  Mr. Choudhary brings his substantial skills of project implementation and data science in social sector to Organisation, along with his work associations to many other non-profits. 

Mr. Choudhary holds a Master degree in Business Administration and Bachelor & Master degree in Computer Application as well as attended management development program in the area of Project Management from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kolkata. He has published his work focused on best practices in social sector and presented in national and international forum and traveled widely throughout India, United States of America and Canada


Mr. Rajive Acharya

Strategic Advisor

An entrepreneur, thinker and Managing Director of mfore: An impact enterprise based at Finland 

Mr. Anuj Kumar

Field Operation Coordinator

A law Graduate and passionate social worker.